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Solar Well Pumps: Power Your Well with the Sun

One of the main components of a well is it's pump. Without a pump, your well won't function! The purpose of the well pump is to pump the water from the ground into your well's storage tank, where the water sits until you turn your faucet on to use water. There are many different types of pumps to choose from, depending on what factors are important to you. Almost all pumps use electricity to function - so while you many not have a water bill, the pump is still contributing to your electric bill - the exception to this is solar pumps!

Solar pumps function much like they sound, with installed solar panels outside of your water well. The panels use energy from the sun to harness power for the pump to operate. Solar pumps are a great option for those looking to be more environmentally friendly, or for areas where power access to the well is not a feasible option.

But what happens if the sun isn't out or it's dark? Not to worry - the solar pump is able to pump water any time the sun is shining, and it stores water in it's storage tank for when the rays aren't able to actively power the pump. Using a solar powered pump can significantly cut down on your energy usage and carbon footprint, while still supplying you with all the water you need.

The installation of a solar pump is relatively inexpensive and doesn't take much time at all. They don't require electrical maintenance, giving you a worry-free pump. In the event that your pump does need diagnostic services or maintenance, our team at West Winds is available to you 24/7. Overall, solar pumps are a fantastic way to save a few bucks and be more environmentally conscious. Interested in having one installed? Contact us today!

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