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Water Well Maintenance, Mona UT

What maintenance is needed for a well?

It is very important to ensure that your water well is properly maintained, and this involves carrying out regular maintenance procedures on the well, in order to have a functional well with the best water quality, and steady flow of water. As a water well gets older, there is the tendency for a reduction in the rate of well performance, and this is a common occurrence for wells that were not properly created.

As part of the well maintenance routine, it is important to check for the status of the water quality, and this should be checked every year for E. coli bacteria and coliform bacteria by a testing laboratory that is accredited by the state. Furthermore, it is recommended that more testing should be carried out at least every three years to check the pH and other things like dissolved solids, and other tests that have to do with the health of the well. It is also imperative to pay attention to stains, odors, or tastes in the water, and you will need the help of professionals to help you identify where the anomalies are coming from.

Testing for Coliform Bacteria in Well Water

In order to have your well properly taken care of, it is important to pay attention to these points:

  • There should be an annual checking and testing of the wells for cleanliness, mechanical problems, and the presence of some types of contaminants like nitrites/nitrates, coliform bacteria, and others.

  • The water from the well should be tested at least once every year, if it so happens that people suffer from gastrointestinal ailments, and also if it is discovered that there is a change in odor, appearance, or taste of the water.

  • Hazardous materials like fertilizers, pesticides, paint, etc. should be at a safe distance away from the well.

  • It is important to contact a professional, in order to verify that chemical storage facilities, home, and waste systems, are properly separated from each other.

  • Ensure that the well cover is always intact at all times, and for safety purposes, it is important to have the top of the well above the ground by at least one feet.

  • When your water well has gotten to its serviceable life, it is important to get a certified or licensed pump installer and well constructors to decommission the well, and perhaps create a new one.

Well Pump Camp Replacement Before and After

There are several reasons why it is essential to ensure that the well is properly maintained, and checked from time to time, as the well performance can get affected by the following:

  • Incrustation caused by deposits of minerals

  • Growth of microorganisms which can result in bio-fueling

  • Sedimentation of the aquifer

  • Pumping of sand

  • Casing or well screen corrosion

  • Damage of the pump

Why is well maintenance important?

How do I know if my well needs maintenance?

Your well has characteristics, and a change to these characteristics can have an effect on the well’s performance. Some of the signs that your well needs to be attended to, include:

  • Reduced water level

  • A decrease in pumping rate

  • A reduction in specific capacity 

  • Increased sedimentation in the water

  • A decrease in wall depth.

While you can take precautionary steps to maintain your well, it is important to have professionals carry out the different tests, in order to ascertain what may be wrong, and then proffer the right solutions, and thus have your well functional away. 

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