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Well Diagnostics, Mona UT


Well isn't working?

Wells have been there since time immemorial, and over the years, innovative technologies have continued to make it easier for people to have wells and also get water from the wells, with the aid of water pumps. While this takes a lot of stress off people, by providing easy access to potable water, it is not entirely without its own set of problems. It is recommended to maintain the well as often as possible, by carrying out different tests, and ensuring that the well is as clean as possible. When it happens that the well is not as functional as it was when it was first created, or perhaps there is a fault somewhere that is preventing good access to clean water, then there is the need to carry out diagnostics on the well, to ascertain what the problem may be and know the best solution.

Here are some diagnostics that can be run:


It is important to check if the system is getting power, and that includes verifying that a power surge or electrical malfunction has not triggered the tripping of the circuit breaker. In some cases, it could look like the switch is on, but with the circuit breaker tripped off.


There are a few different factors that could be causing the sulfur smell in your well water. If bacteria is the cause, you will want to get your well disinfected. If your water tests negative for bacteria then there are a few other reasons that could be causing this. The moment the water becomes discolored or smells, with particles, then there is the need to have the well examined and treated. Furthermore, there is the possibility of situating the well in an area that is rich in magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron and other minerals that occur naturally, and they can have their various effects to the water, hence, water treatment specialists may be needed to correct the issue.


If you are trying to pump water from the well and it seems like the pump is coming on, but there is no water coming up, then perhaps the pressure switch may have shut the system off, because it is designed to trip off when there is too much on the system.

Water Well Diagnostics

There are various other diagnostics that should be carried out by professionals with the right equipment, such as amp probes, megohmmeters, and other tools. The professional will be able to ascertain the exact cause of the problem after carrying out series of diagnostics in the well, in order to proffer the best solution that will solve the problem.

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