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Solar Well Pump, Mona UT

Installing solar water well pump

What Are Solar Pumps?

Solar powered pumps are a great way to conserve energy and use natural resources. A great way to save money down the road with electricity costs is running a solar panel to power your water well pump. Solar powered pumps rely on the suns rays to power your pump requiring significantly less electricity. This is also ideal if getting power to the well location is not feasible.

Submersible solar pumps can operate in combination with batteries or AC power. You can also power the pump completely from the solar panel alone.

During the day the water will pump as long as the sun is shining. On days when the sky is overcast or poor sunlight it will access its stored water from the tank. It is important to consult with a professional pump installer to know the best location to place your solar panels. Understanding where you can receive optimal sunlight for the majority of the time is key to having a solar powered pump. You can calculate the power you will need and help maximize the amount of sunlight for the most cost effective option with a help from our experts.

Benefits Of Solar Pumps

  • No external power supply required. 

  • Can be located anywhere.

  • No power bill or ongoing power cost.

  • Uses natural energy that is healthier for the environment.

  • Inexpensive to install and maintain. 

Solar powered water well pump
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