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Our Story

“We knew we wanted to provide a future for our two daughters, but also we wanted to be able to help others!”

          rayden and Bailie met in 2012.  In 2013 they were married and also had their first daughter.  During that same year a major career change happened and it was for the better.  Brayden got introduced into the “WELL WORLD”; and had no plans to leave.  During 2016 their second daughter was brought into their lives.  In 2017 another career change happened!  He went from doing pumps only, to learning how to drill also; and with his best friend Craig. 


In 2018 things we’re going great. however they were ready to start their family on a new adventure.  They built up the courage and started West Winds Water Well a pump only company.  They drove to southern California on dimes to buy a almost 20 year old pump truck to get started!  After meeting friends not customers through “Getting Their Water On,” we are able to make a living! ​


"Our goal is to provide a water well service that is second to none. We know that the people who call us are who keeps us in business. When the phone rings it is up to us to earn your respect and friendship. If we treat everyone the way we want to be treated we know that we will leave with a smile on your face and you knowing you can call us anytime!"

Water well Contractors in UT Owners of West Winds Water Well

Our crew is trained and equipped to complete the job correctly and in a timely manner. When we pull onto a job our truck doesn't plan on leaving for parts or lunch. We realize you are out of water and its up to us to get it on. We focus mainly on Residential, Livestock wells, and Small Municipalities. We do have contacts for EVERY water well application so if we cannot do the job we will refer you to someone who is capable to complete what you need!

“When you are out of water you can expect a 911 response!  We understand the needs of water in a household, feedlot, business, farm, and other application.  Our team has the goal to get the water on same-day, and not just for a day.  We want the longest life out of your system for you!”

“Someone you can save in your phone and know you can call for superior service every time!” 

Recommend Drillers

Guaranteed Quality Work

24 Hour Water Well Service

Making Friends NOT Customers

Family Owned & Locally Operated

Drug Free Employees

Licensed & Insured

Trained & Equipped

Our West Winds Family

Craig & and his wife Brilee with their little girl Jolene
Brettan & his wife Jess with their daughter Emree
Quaide & his wife Saige 
Wade & his wife Chris with their family 
Daniel & his wife Morgan with their boys Bentley & Riggs 
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