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Are Water Wells Popular in Residences?

Contemplating drilling a residential water well on your property? Just curious about water well population in the US? Let's explore how common residential water wells are throughout the United States!

Approximately 13% of the US population uses residential water wells to supply their household with safe water. Geographically spread out across the country, the makeup might be a bit different than expected! Many people associate water wells with properties in rural areas, but a large population of well users actually live close to an urban population.

The average household uses 108 gallons of water per day - yes you read that right, per DAY! Many households turn to residential water wells because it eliminates the water bill that comes with using city water systems. A residential water well has installation and maintenance costs associated with it, but those typically average out to be far less than the annual cost of city water.

Which state has the most residential well supply? Michigan! Nearly 2.5 of Michigan residents' main supply of water comes from a private water well.

Interested in becoming part of the 13%? Let us help you begin your journey to well water!

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