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Does My Water Well Need Maintenance?

Is your well water murky or are you finding loose sediment when you turn that faucet on? Does your water flow slower than normal? These are all signs that your water well may need professional attention!

Water wells require routine maintenance, including an annual inspection to uncover any underlying issues in your well. Performing your routine maintenance can lessen the chance of damage to your well, or contamination. No one wants to turn on their faucet to brush their teeth and have brown or contaminated water!

What Can I Do to Maintain My Well?

Schedule an annual inspection and diagnostic test with a well drilling professional. Our team provides 24/7 services and can provide you with a maintenance check-up and any necessary repairs. You should also test your water at least once per year to ensure safe conditions.

Make sure to keep any hazardous materials or chemicals are a safe distance from the well. This will reduce your contamination risk and lower your repair risk. Your well cover should be intact at all times as well.

Neglecting well maintenance can become a very costly headache! We want to help our customers to be responsible well owners and strive to provide guidance and knowledge on how to keep your well in the best shape.

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