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Well Water vs City Water

Well vs city water is a years-long comparison that people in the country and city alike weigh when looking to purchase or alter their property. Sure, both have advantages, but which is better for you in the long run?

Well, we are a little biased but we think residential well water is far superior for a handful of reasons, which we elaborate on below.

1. Save Money

Who wouldn't want to save money every month by not having to pay a water bill? No city water = no water bill. With a residential well, you have your very own source of private water. Your yearly water costs will significantly decrease with a residential well.

2. Increase Property Value

Give your property value a boost with the addition of a residential water well. Prospective buyers love the idea of no water bill and having the well already there is a huge burden lifted from them. They will also benefit from having fresher, more natural water readily available to them. If you have built a quality, functioning, water well, that added property value will be almost instant.

3. Less Added Chemicals

City water has a handful of chemicals added to it when it goes through the municipal water plant to get purified before it hits your tap. They add a handful of unnecessary chemicals to make the water usable, such as chlorine, fluoride, and nitrates. These chemicals were originally added to water in order to increase the health benefits of drinking city tap water, but modern research has found that many of these chemicals actually have harmful effects on your long-term health.

4. Protected from Natural Disaster

City water is subject to contamination when natural disasters strike. Not only can the water becoming contaminated with unsafe chemicals and other pollutants, but the city could be unable to get water to your residence entirely. Because a residential well is your own private source of water, the risk of contaminants during a natural disaster is much lower. You also do not run the risk of losing access to your supply - so you can be the ones in the neighborhood that can still shower!

5. Higher in Minerals

Overall, well water is richer in natural minerals than city water because it comes directly from the source and doesn't go through an intense chemical treating process before it hits your property for use. As long as you regularly test and treat your well water as needed, you will have superior water quality!

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